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New photo on the wall !

Posted by Anastasiy Safari on Wednesday Mar 24, 2010 Under Galleries, Images, Noise

My new photo is framed and found itself a sunny nice new white wall.

Untitled, 90×60 cm, archive paper, silver brushed frame, ©, A.Safari,

Anastasiy Safari

Every digital artists needs!

Posted by Anastasiy Safari on Wednesday Jan 27, 2010 Under Adobe, Noise

Finally I updated my Photoshop ColorPicker (was featured in Adobe Blogs and in many many places) with the new, long-awaited and manytime-asked option - the color wheel!

It’s now called MagicPicker and can be obtained here: Photoshop Color Wheel

Check, what famous Alex Broeckel writes about it.

The list of other features include:

  • NON-MODAL panel - unlike native Photoshop color picker you don’t need to close a dialog
  • Color pane, Color wheel and RGB/HSB sliders
  • Supports Photoshop CS3 and CS4
  • FAST!
  • Sets foreground and bakground color
  • Supports feeback from Photoshop. (It’s an ability to update panel automatically when a color is picked outside panel, e.g. with Alt-click on the image)
  • Arbitrary panel scaling
  • H,S,B and R,G,B modes support
  • Numerical boxes for precise color changing
  • HEX box to get color for your web page element
  • NO crashes, unlike some other panels

MagicPicker panel Color Wheel color picker example MagicPicker panel Color Wheel color picker example
MagicPicker panel Color Wheel color picker example

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Ilya Gotfryd

Mobile posting comes to

Posted by Ilya Gotfryd on Thursday Dec 31, 2009 Under Noise

Word press had finally fixed their act and I am happy to anounce that I can publish articles from my iPhone. This should revert the recent lack of any activity.

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Anastasiy Safari


Posted by Anastasiy Safari on Thursday Sep 10, 2009 Under Galleries, Images, Noise, Decorating, Выставки

Another series from my show flew away to a collector! Last show in Cleveland sold a work by the name “Spirits of Fire”. This time entire series “What is in the void?” is going up on a wall of some corporate office.
(Golden fillet & priceless craft — © Ilya Gotfryd).

So far artworks usually went to friends, friends of the friends and friends trice removed. Sometimes I would give an artwork as a present. This time is different. I can say - another step to the free artist’s life!

(”Spirits Of Fire”), 61×46 cm, metallic photo-paper:

Special, biggest thanks go to Regina Vinitsker of The Silverman Group and Elizabeth Marsh of SL Management Group for facilitating this show.

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Anastasiy Safari

The “Holy Orgy” concert photoshoot

Posted by Anastasiy Safari on Monday Jun 29, 2009 Under Noise

That was one of the most amazing concerts I’ve ever seen. I can say that this is the new wave in whole world rock movement. The lyrics, the music, the atmosphere… all was unbelievably deep and clear.

42 photos

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Anastasiy Safari

I’m back with The Secret.

Posted by Anastasiy Safari on Wednesday Mar 11, 2009 Under Philosophy, Images, Noise

©, A.Safari for «The Universe»/TUT by Mike Dooley

©, A.Safari for «The Universe»/TUT by Mike Dooley

There are some, who believe in God’s power, some, who believe in the power of monarchy, king or president. There are some who lost their heart and faith, and believe in nothing. I believe in myself and a power of an individual. It’s somewhat close to “The Secret”, which I heard about long before the TV’s trumpets and books invasion. To be more precise, it’s the “Law of attraction”. I’ve got the link from my friend on the other side of the globe, which led me to a hidden Internet site written in some unknown language, with only this text in English. After all of my Indian adventures I took this idea as granted.

Many take this philosophy as magic and fairy tales. I think it’s because of glamorous mass media packaging. In any case, “magic” here means something that science cannot explain and voltmeter cannot measure.

I made a contribution to one  of “The Secret”’s project called “The Universe” (by Mike Dooley). The project is focused on people’s motivation towards the heroic deeds and a fight with circumstances. I won’t go any deeper into details, but personally, I receive a newsletter with “everyday recipes”, which hit the nail on the head for me very often and help me go further and further, even if it seems that a road ahead is blocked with a metal gates and crocodiles in the moat.

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Recently I’ve created a panel for Photshop CS4 for better colorpicking. Actually I made it for myself tired of that tiny modal dialog that lets you pick colors in PS. Meanwhile it got spread on Adobe forums and then they even wrote about it in official Adobe blogs:

So, here’s the Christmas gift from the blog to all of our creative readers :) here it goes:

Colorpicker for Adobe Photoshop CS4 by Anastasiy Safari

1. Download from here: ColorPicker Panel for Photoshop CS4 from Anastasiy Safari
2. Create a folder inside Adobe Photoshop CS4 in /Plug-ins/Panels named “ColorPicker”.
3. Then extract the files from the into that folder
4. Restart Photoshop - and open the new colorpicker panel from Window | Extentions | ColorPicker

Features: non-modal genuine Photoshop panel, smart resizing, works in full-screen mode when Tools are hidden, returns back focus to Photoshop after choosing a color - so you can immediately use PS keyboard shortcuts.

Merry Christmas!

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Anastasiy Safari

Letters from readers #1

Posted by Anastasiy Safari on Friday Sep 26, 2008 Under Letters, Noise

Our readers are already sending us e-mails!
We decided to publish here one of the more interesting e-mails.

The post “Agent’s Bias: Digital Photography as Fine Art” had generated an interesting comments and discussion on the of what is Fine Art Photography. What qualities a Photographer should posses? Where does the craft of the artist end and the creativity begins? Examples have moved on from photography to painting and even cinema…

Consequently I have received an e-mail from one of the visitors. I believe that it deserves a blog entry of its own (my answer is in comments):

While I was reading the commentary to the “Agent’s Bias: Digital Photography as Fine Art” I can not shake a thought that your view on the process of creation an Artwork are too narrow. You look at all of the questions from a professional point of view and parse them in the same fashion. This gives me an impression that you forget about the whole of the artwork.

As a user I can never explain why I like one artwork or another. You just look at it and either immediately say “Oh, man!”, or just pass right by it with out noticing. This in my opinion is the sole value of art. There are no other criterion for an amateur. There is a historic value, when you think there is nothing special to it, but who would have thought that they were capable of such a feat 3 thousand years ago. You forget that it is POSSIBLE to look at an artwork with out having any knowledge of its creator. I can no nothing about De Vinci, but when I see his work in Louvre I would gasp from excitement or possibly would not have any reaction at all…

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Ilya Gotfryd

Formal intro.

Posted by Ilya Gotfryd on Wednesday Sep 3, 2008 Under Noise

I am ILYa GotFRYd,

an agent and a manager of Anastasiy Safari in United States. We have been partnering with Anastasiy for several years now and had our share of successes. Coming up are some pieces on the perspectives of agent work and art buying. Questions and comments are welcome.




Hello world!

Posted by admin on Monday Sep 1, 2008 Under Noise

Welcome to the new art photography blog!
My name is Anastasiy and here, with my art agent and friends as well will post various beautiful pictures, clever thoughts on art and much much more!

Keep watching!