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MagicPicker color wheel for Photoshop and Illustrator update (3.1)

Posted by Anastasiy Safari on Friday Jun 6, 2014 Under Adobe, Tools, color wheel, photoshop

Recently I updated MagicPicker for Photoshop and Illustrator.

MagicPicker color wheel update 3.1

MagicPicker color wheel update 3.1

New version brings simple assignment of keyboard shortcut, speed improvements, small bug fixes on Illustrator and improved Adobe Creative Cloud support.

Download MagicPicker 3.1, color picker and color wheel for Photoshop and Illustrator here

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Anastasiy Safari

My tools for Photoshop are updated

Posted by Anastasiy Safari on Wednesday Oct 10, 2012 Under Adobe, color wheel, panels

I continue to work on my Photoshop extension panels for artists, designers and photographers. The new versions are out, featuring calibrated monitors support on Mac OS X 10.8+ and Windows 7+, Photoshop Dark UI enhancements, various bugs fixes and speed improvements in MagicPicker v2.2 and MixColors v1.1:

Photoshop Color Wheel and Color Mixer

Photoshop Color Wheel and Color Mixer

Photoshop Color Wheel and Color Mixer - MagicPicker and MixColors

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MagicPicker Photoshop Color Wheel with Color Schemes
What’s new:
# Fixes a rare bug on Photoshop CS4 when you cannot edit text or select layers. Registered users please check your email

LINK: MagicPicker Photoshop Color Wheel

DiskFonts font manager with iPhone/iPod/Android support
What’s new:
# Improves support for FontExpert and fixes various issues on Windows. Registered users please check your email

LINK: DiskFonts font manager

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Anastasiy Safari

My extension panels on three languages

Posted by Anastasiy Safari on Monday Oct 17, 2011 Under Adobe, color wheel

Now features three languages for the panel extension pages (MagicPicker, MixColors, DiskFonts)!

Spanish Spanish (thanks to Edgar Parra):

Adobe Creative Suite Paneles, Rueda de Colores en Español
MagicPicker, Rueda de Colores de Photoshop
Características de MagicPicker, Rueda de Colores Panel
MixColors, mezclador de colores
Características de MixColors Panel
Ventajas seleccionadas para Photoshop CS5/CS5.1 de MagicPicker
DiskFonts, visor y gestor de fuentes de disco duro
Características de DiskFonts Panel

German German (thanks to Mieze):
Adobe Creative Suite Panels en Deutch
MagicPicker, Photoshop Farbrad
Funktionen des MagicPicker Panel
DiskFonts, Schriftvorschau von allen auf der Festplatte vorhandenen Schriften
Funktionen des DiskFonts Panel
MixColors - Schnelles Mischen von Farben
Funktionen des MixColors - Schnelles Mischen von Farben

English English:
Photoshop color wheel, color mixer and font manager
MagicPicker, Photoshop color wheel
Features of MagicPicker, Photoshop color wheel
Selected advantages for Photoshop CS5.1 and CS5 users of MagicPicker
DiskFonts, font manager and viewer inside Adobe software
Features of DiskFonts, font manager and viewer inside Adobe software
MixColors, Photoshop color mixer
Features of MixColors, Photoshop color mixer

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I created the new tool dedicated to all graphic and animation designers out there dealing with fonts. It’s called DiskFonts. It allows to view fonts from disk inside Creative Suite panel. Don’t install fonts, now you can browse them from disk directly, quickly seeing, how your text looks like with different type faces with DiskFonts! The long awaited feature is here!

Font viewer for Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and more CS5 products

Supports Mac and Windows, x32 and x64, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Dreamweaver, Premiere, Fireworks! Is it Helvetica, Script font, open type font, truetype font - doesn’t matter. Unlimited collection support. You can also compare fonts and then filter the fonts you like with one click.

I was thinking about this kind of thing for years! And now, after all hard work and bugs fighting it’s been embodied in the form of a panel using the latest technologies proposed by Adobe CS5. It’s dedicated to print designers, illustrators, desktop publishing lovers, prepress maniacs, flash animators, HTML5 geniuses and even video title makers!

Ok, read more about DiskFonts here: DiskFonts, Disk font viewer inside Adobe Creative Suite CS5

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Anastasiy Safari

Every digital artists needs!

Posted by Anastasiy Safari on Wednesday Jan 27, 2010 Under Adobe, Noise

Finally I updated my Photoshop ColorPicker (was featured in Adobe Blogs and in many many places) with the new, long-awaited and manytime-asked option - the color wheel!

It’s now called MagicPicker and can be obtained here: Photoshop Color Wheel

Check, what famous Alex Broeckel writes about it.

The list of other features include:

  • NON-MODAL panel - unlike native Photoshop color picker you don’t need to close a dialog
  • Color pane, Color wheel and RGB/HSB sliders
  • Supports Photoshop CS3 and CS4
  • FAST!
  • Sets foreground and bakground color
  • Supports feeback from Photoshop. (It’s an ability to update panel automatically when a color is picked outside panel, e.g. with Alt-click on the image)
  • Arbitrary panel scaling
  • H,S,B and R,G,B modes support
  • Numerical boxes for precise color changing
  • HEX box to get color for your web page element
  • NO crashes, unlike some other panels

MagicPicker panel Color Wheel color picker example MagicPicker panel Color Wheel color picker example
MagicPicker panel Color Wheel color picker example

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Recently I’ve created a panel for Photshop CS4 for better colorpicking. Actually I made it for myself tired of that tiny modal dialog that lets you pick colors in PS. Meanwhile it got spread on Adobe forums and then they even wrote about it in official Adobe blogs:

So, here’s the Christmas gift from the blog to all of our creative readers :) here it goes:

Colorpicker for Adobe Photoshop CS4 by Anastasiy Safari

1. Download from here: ColorPicker Panel for Photoshop CS4 from Anastasiy Safari
2. Create a folder inside Adobe Photoshop CS4 in /Plug-ins/Panels named “ColorPicker”.
3. Then extract the files from the into that folder
4. Restart Photoshop - and open the new colorpicker panel from Window | Extentions | ColorPicker

Features: non-modal genuine Photoshop panel, smart resizing, works in full-screen mode when Tools are hidden, returns back focus to Photoshop after choosing a color - so you can immediately use PS keyboard shortcuts.

Merry Christmas!

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