MagicPicker Photoshop Color Wheel with Color Schemes
What’s new:
# Fixes a rare bug on Photoshop CS4 when you cannot edit text or select layers. Registered users please check your email

LINK: MagicPicker Photoshop Color Wheel

DiskFonts font manager with iPhone/iPod/Android support
What’s new:
# Improves support for FontExpert and fixes various issues on Windows. Registered users please check your email

LINK: DiskFonts font manager

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Still life in purple, Photoshop, MagicPicker, John Derry's Brushes

Painted from nature in Photoshop using:
MagicPicker Photoshop color wheel and color picker
John Derry’s Artist Brushes

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I created the new tool dedicated to all graphic and animation designers out there dealing with fonts. It’s called DiskFonts. It allows to view fonts from disk inside Creative Suite panel. Don’t install fonts, now you can browse them from disk directly, quickly seeing, how your text looks like with different type faces with DiskFonts! The long awaited feature is here!

Font viewer for Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and more CS5 products

Supports Mac and Windows, x32 and x64, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Dreamweaver, Premiere, Fireworks! Is it Helvetica, Script font, open type font, truetype font - doesn’t matter. Unlimited collection support. You can also compare fonts and then filter the fonts you like with one click.

I was thinking about this kind of thing for years! And now, after all hard work and bugs fighting it’s been embodied in the form of a panel using the latest technologies proposed by Adobe CS5. It’s dedicated to print designers, illustrators, desktop publishing lovers, prepress maniacs, flash animators, HTML5 geniuses and even video title makers!

Ok, read more about DiskFonts here: DiskFonts, Disk font viewer inside Adobe Creative Suite CS5

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Anastasiy Safari

Color Wheel for Photoshop CS5 CS4 & CS3 + demo video

Posted by Anastasiy Safari on Sunday Apr 18, 2010 Under Noise, color wheel, photoshop

I updated MagicPicker - the Color Wheel plugin for Photoshop. It now supports Adobe Photoshop CS5 and packed with a bunch of new features!

  • new color is now displayed side by side with the old one, while changing
  • new Compact Mode for CS4 with only two colors visible and panel enlarges automatically when moving mouse around - activated from Menu -> Compact Mode
  • new “Switch Foreground and Background Colors” and “Default Foreground and Background Colors” buttons
  • for print designers - CMYK colors are now get profiled based on currently chosen Photoshop CMYK profile. Use it only when needed as it will slow down the panel
  • great speed improvement for H and S color modes when using Color Pane
  • minor bug fixes, including keyboard when using panel, registration and autocolor update when colors are exchanged (”x” key)
  • other small optimizations

read more about Photoshop Color Wheel plugin

And I can proudly present a video made by tyr, which shows how MagicPicker color wheel can bring your digital paintings to a new level:

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