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A glass of vino with your art.

Posted by Ilya Gotfryd on 5 November 2008 (Wednesday) Under Galleries

Matt’s Pino Noir is as smooth, well natured and flavorful as his personality. This wine maker and art connoisseur can wield a samurai sword and nourish his 13 year old pup to health. His meaty warm hand shake and “Sure, Sure…” that fallowed my suggestions was a welcome change of pace for me.  Studio of 5 rings was suggested to me by a co-worker that only heard about it, but never had a chance to visit. I walked into this studio above a store front in Rocky River and was pleased to find a well setup show room with racks of wine and well hung and lit pictures on the walls. Selling Matt on Anastasiy’s work was not difficult in part due to Asian centric portfolio of Anastasiy at the time or so I think. We scheduled the show to open in 6 months and left it at that.

Opening night at Studio of 5 rings

Opening night at Studio of 5 rings

About a month before the opening, based on my previous experience, I started worrying about a promotion. After staying in the shadows for almost half a year I contacted Matt about promoting the show and was pleased to receive immediate response. To my pleasant surprise he had covered all of the local free outlets and sent press release to several local media outlets. In addition we have received some coverage on a web page of a local newspaper. Later we have thrown some resources together to run promotions in local newspapers. Safari had created several promotional templates for the occasion.

I dedicated a day to come in and hang a show. I ended up helping Matt with this task, which he executed masterfully. All of the walls were patched up and bared no scuff marks from the massive paintings that occupide them a week ago. Everything was hung by the meter stick and exactly in accord with artist’s specifications. I was getting an uneasy feeling of having little to worry about. It is a very strange feeling to have everything done ahead of time.

Ночь открытия в Studio of 5 rings

On the opening night people packed the reception, which was delightful and fully provided for by the studio. Night was filled with great amount of wonderful wine and deep conversations. Among many interesting people I met a local artist that was renting a studio on the same floor at the back of the building. We got into discussions of digital photography as an art form and a number of other subjects.

A lot of wine was moved that day, and I highly recommend this gallery to artists, art collectors and wine connoisseurs. Matt’s visibility in the area is growing and his clientele is affluent and diverse. A wonderful fertile ground for emerging and developed artists alike.


Opening Night

Opening Night

People and Wine.

People and Wine.


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6 Responses to “A glass of vino with your art.”

  1. Vkusnashka25 Says:

    A job well done on your last Gallery Exhibit. Let’s hope that in future exhibits, things will go just as smoothly as this one. I guess when you have people who know what they are doing and a great support team helping, it trully shines through in the final product.
    *Thumbs up*

  2. Jerusha Michael Says:

    It is amazing how unprepared we are to deal with the rare occasion of having prepared ahead of time and not having anything to worry about! Is the show still up?

  3. Ilya Gotfryd Says:

    Jerusha: I this show was back in March. We have another one coming up with a bunch of new works on Nov 29th. I will be posting about it all over the place. I really had a strange anxiety about complete inaction that I found myself in. I bothered him a lot yet he was calm and responsive and had everything taken care of.

    Vkusnashka25: The opening was a total pleasure. It is truly wonderful to work with people that care and have a vision. When you are in town you should drop by that place with friends. They do wine tastings and such. And his exhibit changes monthly.

  4. M0lt Says:

    Wow, I see, you had A party there! :D Go for it! Don’t stop, pppl!!! 8) :O

  5. Елена Докторевич Says:

    Завораживающее сочетание: погружение в мир фотографии, усиленное глотком тонизирующего напитка богов.

  6. olg-brusnikina Says:

    очень хотелось бы попасть, жаль, живу в другом городе:)

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