Anastasiy Safari

The Infernal Smile Of Moscow

Posted by Anastasiy Safari on 9 September 2008 (Tuesday) Under Images, Subliminal

On that first show of ours, we were displaying photo pictures full of hidden meaning and links to known philosophical concepts. It’s a pity, but that was not understood by all. One of the critics even wrote a thought that all titles to the works were random. That’s not right, dear Zachary Lewis. And I doubt if the meaning in Art should lie on the top of surface. So I’ll demonstrate a work that was immediately understood:

“The Infernal Smile Of Moscow”, 3×1.7m, Copyprint on matte photopaper. Photoprocessed.

Shows that uncommon look on the city, that you will never find in prospects, but it can be felt by anyone who comes into collision with concrete jungles of any megapolis, and catches its eye…. I wanted to share this feeling of a man who once found himself in the front of this one-eyed infernal scamp. 

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11 Responses to “The Infernal Smile Of Moscow”

  1. Alla Says:

    Сууууперрр! Красотаа - страшная сила ))))

  2. Anastasiy Safari Says:

    Спасибо - я хотел, чтобы все было страшно.

  3. Vkusnashka25 Says:

    Well, well Anastasiy, If wanted this photograph to be “Strashno” I think you accomplished your feat!
    Not only does this photo possess an “Infernal smile” but it also has an “Infernal” Eye. The moon in the top right corner with a cloud slanting up above it reminds me of a mean man giving you the evil eye.
    Why a man you ask? Because the “eye” has no soul. It looks very cold, not like a women which is (stereo-typed) as being warm and gentle. It looks cold because the moon is so far away in the photo and looks like one giant glare rather than showing its surface’s details.
    There is a lot to be said about the symbolism in this photograph…One evil eye staring down at a cold city where the majority of the buildings all look alike, and the subusrbs lack soul like the sky above it.

  4. Anastasiy Safari Says:

    Wow! that’s so great you saw the meaning and expression I did not see in my work. And such an astonishing metaphor for an eye of evil.
    You made me think of how I actually see it.

    It, for sure, can be a cold eyed man, but I see her as an old prostitute made plastic surgery for looking good to strangers, but having that smile that shows herself in the real light everytime she tries to smile - you know that type of people……

    Maybe it looks like a woman to me, because I’m a man :) and you saw a male, because you’re a woman - that’s so interesting

  5. Ilya Gotfryd Says:

    A Russian rock song comes to mind. It’s not an exact image but about as dark:

    Roofs of the projects are trembling under the skies
    Heavenly wrangler, is herding the clouds
    City has fired a buckshot of lights at the Night,
    But darkness is stronger, its power is vast.

    For those who are going to bed, have a good night…

    V. Tsoy

  6. Laguna Says:

    А если это не большой секрет;), автор блога откуда родом?

  7. Anastasiy Safari Says:

    У нашего блога много авторов. И, если остальные захотят - они наверное, тоже ответят.
    По поводу меня - я, так сказать, продукт российско-армянско-турецкого конфликта. Во всех смыслах этого слова, и в прямых и в переносных ;)
    В результате, в большей степени, мое армянское происхождение берет верх над всем, что я делаю. Фамилия моих предков - Сафарян, если это интересно :)

  8. Ilya Gotfryd Says:

    I was born and grew up in Moscow, Russia until I was 16. Now I live in Cleveland, OH US of A.

  9. Теratogen Says:

    не страшно.. потому что он улыбается :))

  10. Теratogen Says:

    А вообще, суперское фото! Даж не фото а скорее картина)

  11. olg-brusnikina Says:

    судя по одной только фотке названия мало того, что не случайно подобраны, так они еще и очень символичны!

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