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MagicPicker 4.4 upgrade

Posted by Anastasiy Safari on Wednesday Sep 16, 2015 Under Medium, color wheel

More updates! We just released MagicPicker which brings ability to lock K value of CMYK for any color in Photoshop or illustrator when printing and much more!

MagicPicker 4.4

MagicPicker 4.4

New updated MagicPicker color wheel for Photoshop and Illustrator download

More updates to my photography and my small FlashAirSync software is on the way!

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Anastasiy Safari

Wireless photo transfer to Mac from SD card – FlashAirSync

Posted by Anastasiy Safari on Monday Jan 13, 2014 Under Medium

FlashAirSync - wirelessly sync photos to Mac

FlashAirSync - wirelessly sync photos to Mac

Being always too lazy to transfer photos from my camera to Mac I wrote a tool that does it automatically using Toshiba’s FlashAir SD card (the most flawless card in its class). The main idea was to see the photos immediately on the screen while taking pictures. So my new software stays always as a small icon on the menu bar and connects automatically to the card inside the camera when it’s available. And transfers the photos as I shoot them on the background. The paths on the card and on the Mac can be easily configured.

FlashAir Sync Settings

FlashAir Sync Settings

Main features:
- Automatically syncs remote FlashAir folder to local folder when FlashAir is present
- Eats no CPU and stays idle when there is no card present
- A single icon in menu bar
- Very simple to configure thru Settings (folders, etc.)
- Progress of sync in the drop down menu
- Overall progress in the menu bar
- Current speed and estimated time left
- Choose interactively remote FlashAir folder to sync from
- Choose interactively local folder to sync to
- Automatically scans for FlashAir and connects if present
- Uses very little memory
- Displays Mac notifications

System requirements:
- Mac OS X 10.7 and higher
- Toshiba FlashAir SD card

I publish it here for free, so download it, enjoy and feel free to post any comments/suggestions/feedback here.

New version is coming soon! Please take a 20-second survey so I could send it to you!
Download FlashAirSync