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More digital art

Posted by Anastasiy Safari on Friday Mar 11, 2016 Under Adobe, Images, Subliminal, color mixer, color panel, color wheel, painting, photoshop

My blog full of photography slightly becomes a digital art blog. When I relax from building my panels (MagicPicker, the color wheel panel for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and MixColors, the color swatch group manager for Adobe Photoshop) I just draw.




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Anastasiy Safari

New drawings after a long long time

Posted by Anastasiy Safari on Tuesday Feb 23, 2016 Under Subliminal, painting

Just posted my new MixColors color mixer update for Photoshop and now it’s time for a bit of fun.

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Anastasiy Safari

My 5th photography show is started in Beachwood, Ohio

Posted by Anastasiy Safari on Friday Mar 25, 2011 Under Galleries, Noise, Subliminal

5th photography show of Anastasiy Safari
Thanks to my fabulous art agent Ilya Gotfryd, my 5th art photography show started in “The O Gallery” (LaPlace, 2101 Richmond Road, Beachwood, OH 44122, USA).

Here are some pictures from the show opening.

On the left are Marcela and David - friends from Medellín, Colombia - the city which is portraited on the photo to the right of them.

Shrine Of City Stories by Anastasiy Safari, framed

Shrine Of City Stories, framed

Approach by Anastasiy Safari, framed, 24"x18"

Approach, framed, 24"x18"

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Strangers (click to enlarge)

Preparations (shortened story)

Framing new works. That was an interesting exercise. For starters I had to pick which works from the previous show will not make it to this one. That was a heart breaking experience with every matted work i took out of the frame. All of them seamed to have matured while waiting for the next show. In addition this venue had perfect track lighting to bring out the colors in all of the darker works.

My back is killing me (my basement)

My back is killing me (my basement)

Reality check is in the house (Esti)

Reality check is in the house (Esti)

40X60 peice of 3/16 foamboard(damn monster)

40X60 peice of 3/16 foamboard(damn monster)

Making a frame for Key to the forest. That was rather insane proposition. The only thing that I did not have in short supply for this project was determination. The artwork is 28″X39″ and I was building a frame from scratch without many tools to fall back on. Luckily in the process I complained enough about it to by standers for one of them to step in and offer to make a frame for me. Brad has a nice set of wood working tools and a stack of black walnut that he was eager to take for a spin. He made me a wonderful frame with a natural oil finish that matches the artwork wonderfully. I took it to a local framing shop with an artwork and had it glassed and dust sealed right on the day that I was hanging the exhibit.

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Anastasiy Safari

Decor: Elements of Emotion

Posted by Anastasiy Safari on Saturday Nov 22, 2008 Under Agent's bias, Galleries, Images, Subliminal, Decorating, Выставки

If you think we’re disappeared – that’s not true. We were in a rush preparing the new show. So…

ILYa GotFRYd presents Anastasiy Safari Fine Art Photography show.
Decor: Elements of Emotion
In the spirit of modern times Safari brings you uplifting decorative show . On Nov 29th at 5:00PM you will have an opportunity to brighten your day. Open your mind to the possibilities and your wallets for a chance to win one
of the artworks on display. Wine and cheese reception will feature raffle with the chance to win an artwork of your choice. We are looking forward to seeing you in Cleveland, OH, USA at Lake Erie Artist Gallery in Tower City. The Opening is Nov 29 @ 5:00 pm.

We’re also celebrating this day the birthday of our distinguished friend and art agent (as well as our main blog author). Don’t miss the opportunity to meet him in person and let him take you away into the aerial world of art with his unquenchable energy flux and friendliness.

Happy birthday, Ilya!

Remember to park and ride to protect the environment and save on parking.

Ilya Gotfryd

Agent’s Bias: buying art (sex appeal)

Posted by Ilya Gotfryd on Tuesday Oct 7, 2008 Under Agent's bias, Images, Subliminal

In this installment of “buying art” I am looking at a very basic attraction to a work of art. I am performing a dissection in attempt to analyze this particular force in visual art acquisition. While enjoying a work of art from the “sex appeal” category you might point out a great choice of color, an originality of a pose or a facial expression. There will always be polite remarks about some sort of details in the remaining background or wonderful details in the shading of the draping cloth. Some of you would be as honest as to state that an image is risque. I guess only the last admission will actually describe the basic reason for an attraction – it is after all sex appeal. An artwork can make it acceptable to have a nude in plain sight without raising questions of impropriety.

Polina Zaitseva – Body Series
Polina Zaitseva – Body Series ©, 2008

To the left we see a prime example of “sex appeal”. An exposed curve of human body catches your eye. This image carries very simple significance, it’s sexy. It does help greatly that the image is a worth while composition with an attractive character. That the fleeting moment looks so precious and that the framing of the image makes it look almost voyeuristic. It is filled with textured media and symbols of hidden significance. In a way the symbols might even give you a sensation that this is a start up guide. The kind of paper with few basic instructions that comes with your newly acquired gadget. Oh, the implications of these arrows – handle with care, this side up. This work takes you right to the destination of its purpose – sex appeal.

Polina Zaitseva – Closet
Polina Zaitseva – Closet ©, 2008

This next work has a flavor of exhibitionism to it. The darkness in it is of “the secrets of the high society” flavor rather then a touch of goth. The choice of camera included in the shot and the cloth of the characters garment add to the certain lighting quality of classy gentleman’s magazine pages. A mix of vintage in the soft tones of the room disappearing in the depth of field and the sharp modern look of the synthetic clothes and subject’s physique. Yet the basics of the shot remain the same, it is after all sex appeal.

There is however much more to the sex appeal then forms, textures and skin tones. It can go much deeper then cloth covering the nude body and the bone, muscles and fat tissue that that shapes it. A lot of sex appeal can be drawn from subtleties of chracter’s actions. Throw in the surrounding atmosphere and you can read a lot from an artwork at times without even knowing it.

Anastasiy Safari – Armenia Series
Anastasiy Safari – Armenia Series

It is interesting that the following image is made by the man on the left just as much as it is made by the woman to the center right. By the look of the eclectic surroundings he is not dressed for the occasion. The variable redness of his skin however indicates that he is actively partaking in the festivities. Yes he is mildly intoxicated, by the wine and the atmosphere. You can see it in the eagerness of his clapping as well. He is, however so mesmerized by the woman in front of him his entire head and neck is perfectly still and turned towards her. Moving on to the centerpiece; You can read so much drama in her that you would have hard time finding a place to start the description. We can tell that she is dancing for him, because her shoulders and even hips are clearly turned towards him, however the movement of the hands and the turn of the head try to hide these signs in the pattern of the dance. The mixed smile could be compared in complexity even to Giaconda. It has desire for happiness and signs of uncertainty and possibly even a hint of disappointment in these reoccurring feelings. This mix of emotions, desires and disappointment touches observer through paths other then logic. These signs of action short circuit the brain and take you right to the core sensation of sex appeal.


Anastasiy Safari

The Infernal Smile Of Moscow

Posted by Anastasiy Safari on Tuesday Sep 9, 2008 Under Images, Subliminal

On that first show of ours, we were displaying photo pictures full of hidden meaning and links to known philosophical concepts. It’s a pity, but that was not understood by all. One of the critics even wrote a thought that all titles to the works were random. That’s not right, dear Zachary Lewis. And I doubt if the meaning in Art should lie on the top of surface. So I’ll demonstrate a work that was immediately understood:

“The Infernal Smile Of Moscow”, 3×1.7m, Copyprint on matte photopaper. Photoprocessed.

Shows that uncommon look on the city, that you will never find in prospects, but it can be felt by anyone who comes into collision with concrete jungles of any megapolis, and catches its eye…. I wanted to share this feeling of a man who once found himself in the front of this one-eyed infernal scamp.