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Another series from my show flew away to a collector! Last show in Cleveland sold a work by the name “Spirits of Fire”. This time entire series “What is in the void?” is going up on a wall of some corporate office.
(Golden fillet & priceless craft — © Ilya Gotfryd).

So far artworks usually went to friends, friends of the friends and friends trice removed. Sometimes I would give an artwork as a present. This time is different. I can say - another step to the free artist’s life!

(”Spirits Of Fire”), 61×46 cm, metallic photo-paper:

Special, biggest thanks go to Regina Vinitsker of The Silverman Group and Elizabeth Marsh of SL Management Group for facilitating this show.

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Anastasiy Safari

My new personal photo show is open!

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It happened! Ilya made an unbelievable, 11hr-breakthrough and delivered 26 heavy framed photographs to Hartford, CT, USA! And opened a show of my works. Only 1hr drive from my favourite artist Michael Whelan (!). A bunch of posters for the opening, a sophisticated art selling site, lots of nerves - in the past, now it’s time for a little relaxation.

I had to live in two time zones during those days. It’s a pity, I cannot attend neither opening, nor the show itself :| Only the photos from the opening give me comfort.

Some pictures from the scene:

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Hello again fellow-Creative-Beings. I hope that since my last article you have had a chance to digest the new information from “Designing 101” and apply the knowledge to your décor in some way. For those of you that were brave enough to comment on my article, I salute you.

Today I come to you with a question that you probably do not hear often. What are you hanging on the walls of your offices or homes? To be more specific, do you know how it’s printed? Do you know what compounds are in the inks, dyes, pigments, and papers? Does it outgas or offgas? Is it healthy? Do you care?

Creating sustainable, healthy interior graphics for interior decor in commercial and residential settings does not happen accidentally. Sustainable, “Green” fine art and photographic reproductions of the highest quality are infused with a high degree of care and detail while being produced. Many clients do not even realize these factors exist when shopping for printed art and simply never ask about it.

«Trinity Of Fire», 18″x24″, ©,A.Safari

Recently I inquired about Anastasiy Safari’s printing and mounting methods, in particular the Fire and Wood piece. I think you will be just as impressed as I was when you find out how many steps this extraordinary piece had undergone before it reached the white walls of the gallery it rests on today.

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Strangers (click to enlarge)

Preparations (shortened story)

Framing new works. That was an interesting exercise. For starters I had to pick which works from the previous show will not make it to this one. That was a heart breaking experience with every matted work i took out of the frame. All of them seamed to have matured while waiting for the next show. In addition this venue had perfect track lighting to bring out the colors in all of the darker works.

My back is killing me (my basement)

My back is killing me (my basement)

Reality check is in the house (Esti)

Reality check is in the house (Esti)

40X60 peice of 3/16 foamboard(damn monster)

40X60 peice of 3/16 foamboard(damn monster)

Making a frame for Key to the forest. That was rather insane proposition. The only thing that I did not have in short supply for this project was determination. The artwork is 28″X39″ and I was building a frame from scratch without many tools to fall back on. Luckily in the process I complained enough about it to by standers for one of them to step in and offer to make a frame for me. Brad has a nice set of wood working tools and a stack of black walnut that he was eager to take for a spin. He made me a wonderful frame with a natural oil finish that matches the artwork wonderfully. I took it to a local framing shop with an artwork and had it glassed and dust sealed right on the day that I was hanging the exhibit.

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Anastasiy Safari

Decor: Elements of Emotion

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If you think we’re disappeared – that’s not true. We were in a rush preparing the new show. So…

ILYa GotFRYd presents Anastasiy Safari Fine Art Photography show.
Decor: Elements of Emotion
In the spirit of modern times Safari brings you uplifting decorative show . On Nov 29th at 5:00PM you will have an opportunity to brighten your day. Open your mind to the possibilities and your wallets for a chance to win one
of the artworks on display. Wine and cheese reception will feature raffle with the chance to win an artwork of your choice. We are looking forward to seeing you in Cleveland, OH, USA at Lake Erie Artist Gallery in Tower City. The Opening is Nov 29 @ 5:00 pm.

We’re also celebrating this day the birthday of our distinguished friend and art agent (as well as our main blog author). Don’t miss the opportunity to meet him in person and let him take you away into the aerial world of art with his unquenchable energy flux and friendliness.

Happy birthday, Ilya!

Remember to park and ride to protect the environment and save on parking.

Regina V

Decorating with Photos 101

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Hello to all creatively inclined beings,

I am excited to be given this opportunity to voice my two cents on Safari’s blog. My hope is that my passion for art and design will shine through even if I would seam to ramble at times. Passion for beautiful things can not be hidden, it cannot be taught, it cannot be subdued.  You either have it or you don’t!  I found many beautiful things on Safari’s website and I am excited to blog about them here going forward.  Other Creative Junkies as myself who may find that my opinion rubs you the wrong way, please feel free to put in a few cents of your own. Now for a little taste of my world view.
Professional Designers, amateur decorators, and everybody in between have probably had an instance where they can relate to the following situation. The room that you have been designing for months finally has the walls painted just the right shade, the furniture complimenting the window shades perfectly, the flooring is simply amazing, and the only thing keeping your room from being design magazine worthy is a bare and empty wall.

Admit it, finding art is one of the most difficult parts of designing! For some reason it is the item that most people save for last when it comes to picking out design elements for a space. Once the room is almost complete, it is very difficult to find a piece that will match with paint on the walls, window treatments, flooring and the rest of the many colors and textures that are already within the room.

Many homeowners will select paint color for their walls as the first element in their design process, while designers will choose a single item as their inspiration. The truth of the matter is that paint comes in thousands of colors. If you still can’t find the perfect shade of fuchsia, then Sherwin Williams would be glad to make up a custom batch for you. Designers on the other hand, realize that rare and unusual pieces are what make a space. A table centerpiece may be the last thing that somebody’s eye may go to when they walk into a room, but it will be all they can see within the room for the rest of the night. Not to mention that interesting works of art make great conversation pieces.

«Black Sea Oblivion» ©, Anastasiy Safari.

Establishing the basis for a room design is not easy, but it is very simple to fall in love with art. If you can fall for a piece of art, then you already have a starting point. For example, take Anastasiy Safari’s photograph “Black Sea Oblivion.” If the designer establishes that photograph as the basis for the room design, she has several routes to take; one option is to pick up on the shades of blues and grays in the picture and utilize those colors in the fabric (seating, window treatments, cushions) or wall coverings. The other option is to pick up on the water/nature theme in the photograph. An example of this would be to place a shallow glass bowl on a table filled with smooth, shiny rocks and some peat moss surrounding the stones. If you aren’t worried about kids or pets knocking the bowl over, then fill it with water. This would mimic the 2-D ocean scene in the photograph but in 3-D in your own room. No matter what the theme is in the photograph, the most important thing is that it speaks to you. Once you can ‘hear’ what the art piece is saying to you only then can a beautiful dialogue emerge in your room.

Creatively Yours,

Reggie V.