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I’m back with The Secret.

Posted by Anastasiy Safari on Wednesday Mar 11, 2009 Under Philosophy, Images, Noise

©, A.Safari for «The Universe»/TUT by Mike Dooley

©, A.Safari for «The Universe»/TUT by Mike Dooley

There are some, who believe in God’s power, some, who believe in the power of monarchy, king or president. There are some who lost their heart and faith, and believe in nothing. I believe in myself and a power of an individual. It’s somewhat close to “The Secret”, which I heard about long before the TV’s trumpets and books invasion. To be more precise, it’s the “Law of attraction”. I’ve got the link from my friend on the other side of the globe, which led me to a hidden Internet site written in some unknown language, with only this text in English. After all of my Indian adventures I took this idea as granted.

Many take this philosophy as magic and fairy tales. I think it’s because of glamorous mass media packaging. In any case, “magic” here means something that science cannot explain and voltmeter cannot measure.

I made a contribution to one  of “The Secret”’s project called “The Universe” (by Mike Dooley). The project is focused on people’s motivation towards the heroic deeds and a fight with circumstances. I won’t go any deeper into details, but personally, I receive a newsletter with “everyday recipes”, which hit the nail on the head for me very often and help me go further and further, even if it seems that a road ahead is blocked with a metal gates and crocodiles in the moat.

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