60%-OFF sale updated! New discounts for working from home

COMFORT_ZONE@HOME: MagicSquire, MagicTints, MagicPicker discounts

COMFORT_ZONE@HOME: MagicSquire, MagicTints, MagicPicker discounts


Bundles with the following panels are on sale:
New! MagicTints 1.2 — AI 1-click color matcher in Adobe® Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
New! MagicPicker 7.1 — Advanced Illustrator & Photoshop Color Wheel HUD
MagicSquire 3.4lets you tag and organize brushes in colorful groups inside Adobe® Photoshop
MagicRefs 1.3 — advanced handling of Reference Images (or any image assets) in Adobe® Photoshop
MixColors 3.1 groups Photoshop color swatches in compact folders and mixes colors
DiskFonts lets preview fonts before installing them
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