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Decor: Elements of Emotion

Posted by Anastasiy Safari on 22 November 2008 (Saturday) Under Agent's bias, Galleries, Images, Subliminal, Decorating, Выставки

If you think we’re disappeared – that’s not true. We were in a rush preparing the new show. So…

ILYa GotFRYd presents Anastasiy Safari Fine Art Photography show.
Decor: Elements of Emotion
In the spirit of modern times Safari brings you uplifting decorative show . On Nov 29th at 5:00PM you will have an opportunity to brighten your day. Open your mind to the possibilities and your wallets for a chance to win one
of the artworks on display. Wine and cheese reception will feature raffle with the chance to win an artwork of your choice. We are looking forward to seeing you in Cleveland, OH, USA at Lake Erie Artist Gallery in Tower City. The Opening is Nov 29 @ 5:00 pm.

We’re also celebrating this day the birthday of our distinguished friend and art agent (as well as our main blog author). Don’t miss the opportunity to meet him in person and let him take you away into the aerial world of art with his unquenchable energy flux and friendliness.

Happy birthday, Ilya!

Remember to park and ride to protect the environment and save on parking.

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14 Responses to “Decor: Elements of Emotion”

  1. Alla Says:

    С днем рождения )))))) Желаю, чтобы все у вас получалось )))) Удачи!

  2. M0lt Says:

    Good luck, pppl! 8) what I can say is that don’t miss the chance :) :) :)

  3. M0lt Says:

    …and happy birthday ilya! 8)

  4. Ilya Gotfryd Says:

    Thank you so much for the congratulations! These are the intense times and a lot of last second preparation is going down as we speak. This show will be as great and then some. I will see all of you that can make it there. Everyone else will be able to read the report from the show in this blog some times next week.

  5. Jonny Says:

    С днем рождения!
    Творческих Вам успехов!
    Новых профессиональных высот, здоровья и удачи!

  6. Ilya Gotfryd Says:

    Jonny: Thank you very much for your wishes. We shall make them come true, they have no choice. :) On that note await more posts ready for hot discussions after this Saturday.

  7. Елена Докторевич Says:

    Илюш, а у кого нет возможности посетить сие очаровательное арт-шоу, ты подаришь счастье увидеть выставленные там работы, на этой страничке, или все-таки придеться ехать в Кливленд? :)

  8. Ilya Gotfryd Says:

    I will most definitely post the news from the opening here with images from the scene. With detailed encounters of adversities that we overcame. I have installed one wall the most of the works already. I will complete the rezt of the installation on Friday.

  9. Andres Safari Says:

    Илья, с прошедшим Днем рождения!
    И конечно, больших успехов и выгодных продаж на твоем новом финансово-творческом поприще ;)
    Ждем с нетерпением фото-отчет с выставки, а ещё лучше видео-репортаж %))

  10. Ilya Gotfryd Says:

    Спасибо большое, за поздравление. Открытие прошло привосходно. Хотелось бы больше людей, но толпа была достаточная. И много много народу приходило и уходило в процессе.
    Видео репортажа к сожалению не будет. Я много крутился толкал искусство и снимал достаточно ограниченно. Скоро вывешу фотографии с полным изложением до, после и в процессе.

  11. Ilya Gotfryd Says:

    Please hold the details of art show opening is comming soon.

  12. Esther Says:

    Well, the show is splendid !! The combination of old and new is enticing and extremely refreshing. The colors are bold and the message is clear : buy me !!!. I am personally in love with several works and wish people would like them as much as Ilya and I do.
    The evening itself was sweet and sour. Sweet because after many crazy weeks of working in the basement we put out something that is gorgeous. Many of our friends came and honored both the artist and his agent, and to them thanks from the bottom of our hearts!!. On the other hand, many people who were in the mall did not even bother to come in after learning that there was free food and wine…. come on !, now that is sour. Where is the holiday spirit???
    Maybe next Christmas we should put out pictures of elves and Santa.
    To recap, I hope that this venue would be the start of something grand because it really deserves applause.

  13. Anastasiy Safari Says:

    You can pose as elves and Santa - only this way I will make such a work ))) The show was arranged with love and spirit of you both, and it’s seen even on photos from the opening - so I guess people should and will feel it. And your idea with the “Infernal” photo price adds some good dark notes to the composition, which is fun and gives a little bit of atmosphere every show needs.

  14. olg-brusnikina Says:

    надеюсь, что выставка прошла на ура!

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