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My new personal photo show is open!

Posted by Anastasiy Safari on 6 August 2009 (Thursday) Under Galleries, Images, Decorating, Выставки

It happened! Ilya made an unbelievable, 11hr-breakthrough and delivered 26 heavy framed photographs to Hartford, CT, USA! And opened a show of my works. Only 1hr drive from my favourite artist Michael Whelan (!). A bunch of posters for the opening, a sophisticated art selling site, lots of nerves - in the past, now it’s time for a little relaxation.

I had to live in two time zones during those days. It’s a pity, I cannot attend neither opening, nor the show itself :| Only the photos from the opening give me comfort.

Some pictures from the scene:

Big, enourmous thanks go to Regina Vinitsker for such an amazing opportunity.

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One Response to “My new personal photo show is open!”

  1. Ilya Gotfryd Says:

    On my behalf I would like to thank Esther Gotfryd (my dear wife) for taking a trip with me and assisting me in driving and show arrangement. Also thanks go out to Elizabeth Marsh - concierge of 100 Perl st. building for facilitating the show itself as well as sleeping arrangements.

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