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Posted by Anastasiy Safari on 10 September 2009 (Thursday) Under Galleries, Images, Noise, Decorating, Выставки

Another series from my show flew away to a collector! Last show in Cleveland sold a work by the name “Spirits of Fire”. This time entire series “What is in the void?” is going up on a wall of some corporate office.
(Golden fillet & priceless craft — © Ilya Gotfryd).

So far artworks usually went to friends, friends of the friends and friends trice removed. Sometimes I would give an artwork as a present. This time is different. I can say - another step to the free artist’s life!

(”Spirits Of Fire”), 61×46 cm, metallic photo-paper:

Special, biggest thanks go to Regina Vinitsker of The Silverman Group and Elizabeth Marsh of SL Management Group for facilitating this show.

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One Response to “Sold!”

  1. Jerusha Michael Says:

    Yeah, it was a pretty sweet show in Cleveland!

  2. Елена Says:

    Статик! Твои работы супер! И они отлично прижились у меня дома. Им там нравиться :)И вообще, твой пример и меня вдохновил!

  3. Павел Says:


  4. Anastasiy Safari Says:

    Thank you! :D And thanks to Ilya Gotfryd

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