Welcome to our blog, full of photography and other visual art

We have no intention to write about, plug-in tuning, overcoming Photoshop, sexing up the lighting or any other tips and tricks. We do consider technical savvy an integral part of the Fine Art Photography, however this blog is about something else. Now that you have established what this blog isn’t I can tell you of a way to find out what it is – you will have to read it and read it often. Our direction might no be immediately operant, but you will inevitably sense what we are about. Our contributing authors will spill their brash opinions, derived from their life experiences onto the pages of this endeavor, in hopes to entice you into an argument over any and every matter related to visual arts.

On our pages you will find artists, designers, gallery curators, art agents and even lawyers and producers. All of these creative people will share their thoughts on the subject of visual art. We firmly believe that every one is able to make a deep and meaningful contribution to the process of creation of a work of Fine Art. Because at the end of the day it is your opinion, and your vision, dear viewers, which is the very essence that forms the role of Art in the society.

We are eager to hear any and every opinion and approach to the visual arts. We are interested in a way you would choose an art work for your room, the way you would choose an artwork to invest in, the way you would choose an artwork to express your individuality, and every other way you would go about art. We appreciate all points of view, various schools of thought and different cultural and moral values. There is only one thing that will be censored in this blog, that is personal attacks against participants.

This blog is written in two languages for two very different and yet very similar world audiences.

-your friends, artists, art agents, gallery curators and commiserates.

(If you want to contact us, please use comments, or send e-mails to addresses on the main site www.safari.am, specified in Info area)

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