For those having problems with invalid signature error or if you saw that MagicPicker got slow please don’t miss the new update 6.2 which improves various parts of MagicPicker, including new Keyboard Shortcuts and LDT Color Cube.

MagicPicker 6.2: color wheel modes and keyboard shortcuts

MagicPicker 6.2: color wheel modes and keyboard shortcuts

Update MagicPicker

MagicPicker, the advanced Photoshop color wheel and color picking plugin

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Anastasiy Safari

Major facelift at my software website

Posted by Anastasiy Safari on Wednesday May 24, 2017 Under brush organizer, color mixer, color panel, color wheel, photoshop

Anastasiy’s Photoshop Panels website is all new! Better navigation, better Adobe extensions panel installer, better access to your favorite Adobe® Photoshop and Illustrator panels for expert brush management, advanced color picking, collecting fonts and more. Loved by industry professionals worldwide!

* MagicPicker color wheel
* MagicSquire brush group manager
* MixColors color mixer
* DiskFonts font manager

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Anastasiy Safari

MagicPicker is on Reddit!

Posted by Anastasiy Safari on Saturday Aug 13, 2016 Under Tips&tricks, color wheel, photoshop

Get tips & tricks on how to use MagicPicker, the Illustrator & Photoshop color wheel directly from new dedicated subreddit. More to come!

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Anastasiy Safari

My extension panels on three languages

Posted by Anastasiy Safari on Monday Oct 17, 2011 Under Adobe, color wheel

Now features three languages for the panel extension pages (MagicPicker, MixColors, DiskFonts)!

Spanish Spanish (thanks to Edgar Parra):

Adobe Creative Suite Paneles, Rueda de Colores en Español
MagicPicker, Rueda de Colores de Photoshop
Características de MagicPicker, Rueda de Colores Panel
MixColors, mezclador de colores
Características de MixColors Panel
Ventajas seleccionadas para Photoshop CS5/CS5.1 de MagicPicker
DiskFonts, visor y gestor de fuentes de disco duro
Características de DiskFonts Panel

German German (thanks to Mieze):
Adobe Creative Suite Panels en Deutch
MagicPicker, Photoshop Farbrad
Funktionen des MagicPicker Panel
DiskFonts, Schriftvorschau von allen auf der Festplatte vorhandenen Schriften
Funktionen des DiskFonts Panel
MixColors - Schnelles Mischen von Farben
Funktionen des MixColors - Schnelles Mischen von Farben

English English:
Photoshop color wheel, color mixer and font manager
MagicPicker, Photoshop color wheel
Features of MagicPicker, Photoshop color wheel
Selected advantages for Photoshop CS5.1 and CS5 users of MagicPicker
DiskFonts, font manager and viewer inside Adobe software
Features of DiskFonts, font manager and viewer inside Adobe software
MixColors, Photoshop color mixer
Features of MixColors, Photoshop color mixer

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MagicPicker Photoshop color wheel will be featured in Black Rock Studio / Disney workshop on digital panting with famous concept artist John Wallin Liberto in Brighton, UK. 3 days of the insight into his craft - don’t miss it, if you’re living in UK, or passing by. Here’s detailed info on this event.

“Another great event lined up for the Black Rock Crew. World renowned concept artist John Wallin Liberto will be spending some quality time at the studio with our teams.

The plan to is run a 3 day master class workshop in digital painting. John’s work and talent is truly incredible. We’re honored to have him come and… stay with us and share some insights into his craft. If you’re not already familiar with John’s work — check out his impressive reel at the link provided.”

Don’t miss it!

Black Rock StudioDisneyMagicPicker Photoshop color wheel
John Wallin Liberto

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Still life in purple, Photoshop, MagicPicker, John Derry's Brushes

Painted from nature in Photoshop using:
MagicPicker Photoshop color wheel and color picker
John Derry’s Artist Brushes

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